Four year ago, I finished helping to restore a Regency kitchen. After it was finished, I decided that the kitchen needed to be cooked in.

And so my kitchen adventure began. I started collecting old cookery books and started to cook old recipes in that old kitchen. At first I had little equipment; just an oven and something brought from home. But soon followers on social media started to donate and the kitchen started to fill.

The kitchen has an atmosphere all of its own and I started to attract others who wanted to work with me. Now a kitchen that for more than 100 years had been empty resonates with the sound of laughter as it is filled with volunteers and visitors. Some people come to cook and others come to eat.

I started to pass on my passion for historical food by giving talks and demonstrations and created a pop up supper club called Dine Like a Servant to raise funds for the heritage centre where the kitchen is located.