How to make Pumpkin Pie

This recipe is adapted from a recipe of Amelia Simmons in the rather wonderful ‘Great Cooks and their Recipes – From Taillevent to Escoffier’ by Anne Willan. A book I’d highly recommend. It looks at 14 great cooks in 3 countries over 600 years. Amelia Simmons’s book American Cookery appeared in 1796 and it sought … Continue reading “How to make Pumpkin Pie”

How to make Lemon Mince Pies

Have you ever wanted to cook from an old recipe book? Just to find out what something from the past could taste like? I’m lucky enough to be able to use a beautiful, handwritten cookbook that was donated to The Regency Town House. On page 99 this recipe for Lemon Mince Pies appears. It is … Continue reading “How to make Lemon Mince Pies”

How to make a traditional Christmas Pudding in a pudding cloth

The damp fug of a pudding gently boiling in a old kitchen. The rattling of the saucer I put in to let me know all is still good. The air getting colder. To me these are all signs of Christmas coming up and although it might seem early to some, now is the time I … Continue reading “How to make a traditional Christmas Pudding in a pudding cloth”

Chocolate Tart – Hannah Glasse’s way.

This was the first ever historical recipe that I tried. It was a cold February in 2017. I was at home in my kitchen doing food experiments. It was raining outside. I remember the anticipation. I remember being very excited about trying out an old recipe. Hannah Glasses’s book was the first one I tried. … Continue reading “Chocolate Tart – Hannah Glasse’s way.”

How to make Piccalilli – Regency Style!

One of the earliest pickles to become popular in England was piccalilli.  A recipe of 1694 states: ‘To pickle lila, an Indian Pickle’ describes a vinegar and brine sauce which was flavoured with ginger, garlic, pepper, turmeric and mustard seeds. In the sauce was cabbage, cauliflower and other vegetables. The recipe is the rather wonderful … Continue reading “How to make Piccalilli – Regency Style!”

How to Pickle a Peach

The Regency Town house was full of Italian artists when I made this recipe for the first time. It was a warm summer’s evening and the kitchen window was wide open. There was an Anglo-Italian exhibition launch in the drawing room two floors above. Although the basement kitchen is far away from the rest of … Continue reading “How to Pickle a Peach”

How to restore a Kitchen Dresser

Long, slow but worth it… It’s been a long slow process but the original dresser at 13 Brunswick Square is finally restored. It’s back in the same place it was when the house was constructed in 1829. But it’s not been easy. Teams of volunteers have worked, under supervision of curator Nick Tyson, for years.  … Continue reading “How to restore a Kitchen Dresser”

How did it manage to stay untouched for so long?

As a volunteer I often get asked the question how the Town House’s basement managed to stay untouched for so long. An elderly lady in history I tell people who asked the true story of an elderly lady living in layers of history. It’s also a story of a young curator who discovered that she … Continue reading “How did it manage to stay untouched for so long?”

How to make Seed cake (Elizabeth Raffald’s way)

Devoted to Hannah I have been devoted to Hannah Glasse.  She’s helped me through all the fundraising events Dine Like A Servant and Lunch with the Curator at the Regency Town House.  I owe her a great deal.  But this week I decided I had enough of Hanna.  I wanted to try out Elizabeth.  That’s … Continue reading “How to make Seed cake (Elizabeth Raffald’s way)”

What is Lunch with the Curator?

It’s another way to experience The Regency Town House.  It’s a tour with a lunch.  Not just any tour, it’s a tour of the Upstairs and Downstairs life in an 1830s house.  Not just any lunch, it’s a lunch held in the basement kitchen of the Town House, with dishes based on authentic recipes of … Continue reading “What is Lunch with the Curator?”