Here are my prices…


I give courses to small groups in the Regency Town House’s historic kitchen.  10% of the profit go directly to the restoration of the building (at the moment directly back into the kitchen).

The courses include everything from bread making, pickling, chocolate pies.  I can cater for vegetarians and vegans.  (We are in Brighton and Hove after all).

At present a four hour course is £20 per person.  I like to keep the groups small, no more than 8 people.  The minimum is 4.

I also do small caterings.  For the Regency Town House I do two events; Lunch with the Curator and Dine Like a Servant.

For my private events (again 10% will go back to the Town House)


A lunch at the Town House with two courses (from 12-2pm) is £30 (no drink) including a small tour of the house by me.


An evening meal, eaten in the old basement kitchen is £35 per person for 3 courses.  Drink is extra. (6.30-9.30pm)