Hello and welcome to  my site.  I’m Paul Couchman, The Historical Food Creator and your chance to enter the food world of the 1830s. So glad you found me.

I create historic food and historic food experiences for people like you.  I work in a wonderful Regency kitchen in Hove. The kitchen is very special to me because I helped to restore it.  A team of us saved it from dereliction!

After the kitchen had been restored there was no real purpose for it.  It was, for a time, turned into a wood store.  This broke my heart. Can you imagine how that felt?

At Christmas time in 2017 I decided to start using it as a kitchen.  I cooked 96 mince pies for a Christmas fundraiser. There was no water in the kitchen at the time. I had to go up and down the stairs with buckets! But through this the kitchen came alive. I felt transported back to when the kitchen was the heart of the Regency Town House. Food is, I hope you will agree, one of the most effective ways of travelling in time.

My love of food comes from a childhood of Delia Smith. Don’t we all love her precision? After that I consumed every book by Nigel Slater and Nigella Lawson. Now my preferred reading is a really old cookbook, preferably from the same time as the Regency kitchen. Can you imagine the joy of reproducing food from old cookery books?  It’s something I will never get tired of and really started to love to share with others.

That’s why I now organise and present food classes and food experiences. Some events are purely for raising money for the Town House, others I donate 10% of my profits back.  Money raised goes directly to the continuing restoration of the kitchen, all the details.  My aim throughout is to take you  away from your everyday lives and take you somewhere else.  Taste and smell are strong ways to do this.


I can offer small private dining experiences, larger group dining experiences and cookery courses.  All the events that I can offer you use old, historical recipes.  These recipes are brought back to life in a kitchen which once was used to produce them. You can be a part of this too.  Please get in touch.  Details in the contact section.  Looking forward to hearing from you.