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The Regency Cook

Cookery courses that take you back to the 1830s

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The Regency cook

About the Regency Cook

Paul Couchman set up the historic kitchen at The Regency Town House in Hove, England. He appears regularly on local radio and writes a blog on historic cooking.

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From the pen of the Regency Cook

Old recipe handwritten in copperplate

How to cook from a historical recipe

My first historical cookbook had no photos but also no ingredient list.

Small pompkin pies

How to make Pumpkin Pie from 1796

If you have carved out a pumpkin for Halloween this recipe is ideal to use up the flesh

Recipe and ingredients

How to make the best Christmas Pudding in a pudding cloth

The damp fug of a pudding gently boiling in a old kitchen, the rattling of a saucer in the pot

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