About The Regency Cook

I’m Paul Couchman, The Regency Cook and I help people, like you, fascinated by history and food, rediscover recipes from the 1830s.

How did I start?

I started on my historic food journey by restoring an old abandonned kitchen in the basement of a Regency Town House.

Then I had to teach myself how to cook in it. I want to share what I learned, my passion for cooking from historic recipes and the kitchen that I’m lucky to work in with you.

What sort of people come to my courses?

Many of my clients that join me online, or in person, are here for the community – the joy of cooking together with others, they may never have tried an old recipe.

Others are more interested in history than the cookery, they are intrigued by old recipes and the stories behind them and the stories behind the kitchen.

A few are more advanced in food history but want to join with others and make food together.

My Passion

My passion is bringing these different groups together. In fact recreating the type of atmosphere of a historic kitchen with different levels and abilities working together in one space. Sometimes that space is the physical space of the Regency kitchen, at other times it is that kitchen recreated online.

I host regular pop-up dining events, including charity events, I speak on local radio about food and I am constantly experimenting with old recipes and adding to my large collection of books on historic food cookery.