From the pen of The Regency Cook

How to make a spectacular plum cake from the 1820s

Recipes are like small detective stories. They can give historical clues.

How to make Elizabethan Gingerbread. An easy recipe using breadcrumbs.

An autumn afternoon called for gingerbread so I consulted my recipe books

How to make hunter’s pudding

Hunter’s pudding is a variation of plum pudding, and so good autumn

Dine Like a Servant goes to France

Pate de campagne, brioche, pickled pear or soup Crécy to start

How to make wonderful historic Hot Cross Buns

A quick history of the Hot Cross bun and a wonderful historic recipe

Shrove Tuesday – 3 unusual things to add to a pancake

Want to do something different for Pancake Day but don’t know what?

How to make Pumpkin Pie from 1796

If you have carved out a pumpkin for Halloween this recipe is ideal to use up the flesh

How to make Lemon Mince Pies from the 1830s

96 mince pies are made for a discerning audience. None remain

How to make the best Christmas Pudding in a pudding cloth

The damp fug of a pudding gently boiling in a old kitchen, the rattling of a saucer in the pot

How to make tempting chocolate tarts – Hannah Glasse’s way

This was the first ever historical recipe that I tried, one cold February in 2017

How to make Piccalilli – Regency Style!

One of the earliest pickles to become popular in England was piccalilli

How to Pickle a Peach

The Regency Town House was full of Italian artists when I made this recipe for the first time.

How to restore a Kitchen Dresser

Long, slow but worth it… It’s been a long slow process but the original dresser at 13 Brunswick Square is finally restored. It’s back in the same place it was when the house was constructed in 1829. But it’s not …

How did it manage to stay untouched for so long?

As a volunteer I often get asked the question how the Town House’s basement managed to stay untouched for so long. An elderly lady in history I tell people who asked the true story of an elderly lady living in …

How to make Seed cake (Elizabeth Raffald’s way)

The particular recipe I have chosen is flavoured with caraway seed

What is Lunch with the Curator?

It’s another way to experience The Regency Town House, it’s a tour with a lunch

How do you Dine Like A Servant?

There is a restoration project in Hove, England where guests are invited to a fundraising dinner

How do you make Fanchonettes (and what are they?)

Imagine a pastry case filled with almond and lemon custard, topped with meringue

Fennel Pickle and Pickled Grapes

Hannah Glasse, the 18th-century cook I often turn to, had these wise words to say about pickles

Five compelling reasons why you should volunteer at the Regency Town House

Are you fascinated by food and history? Where can you do both?