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How to make Piccalilli – Regency Style!

One of the earliest pickles to become popular in England was piccalilli

A short history of puddings (in 5 Regency rooms)

Imagine pushing open the heavy, creaking door of a Regency house. You feel a pang of hunger and a spark of curiosity. What can this building reveal? Let me whisk you through this historic house feeding you morsels of puddings, …

Jane Austen picnic course resources

Here is a booklet for the Jane Austen Picnic Experience course. Download the booklet (PDF)

How to make rout cakes for your rout

Gasp at bawdy and disorderly routs and discover the cakes that were served at them

How to make an enchanting Jane Austen style picnic

Imagine picnic hampers filled with delicious food

Picnics and beer on Karen Morton’s Food and Drink Show

A brewery, a vineyard, a picnic and a recipe, first broadcast 20th June 2021

Hot Cross Bun course booklet and video links

Here is a booklet for the Hot Cross Buns course and a link to a 6 minute video that runs through all the steps in the recipe we’ll be making. Download the booklet (PDF) View the video

Greengage and Lime Sponge Pie

This recipes comes from Gary Rhodes – Around Britain. First published in 1996. Ingredients For the pie 175-225g sweet shortcrust pastry 400g fresh greengages, halved and stoned Icing sugar 2-3 tbsps greengage jam or lime marmalade For the sponge 50g …

Blood orange, ricotta and olive oil cake

From Bitter Honey: Recipes and Stories from the Island of Sardinia by Letitia Clark. For the base 1-2 blood oranges 100g sugar For the batter 200ml olive oil – any kind is good, I used virgin 200g caster sugar Pinch …

Rhyming Recipes

A delicious pudding that’s a poem from the days when few cooks could read or write

5 classic old puddings you need to try

Spotted Dick, Jam Roly Poly, Bakewell Pudding, Summer Pudding, Queen of Puddings

5 books that will get you passionate about food history

Are you interested in food AND history? Do you want to start cooking historic recipes but find it difficult to start?

Tale of a pastry cutter

I used it to make Valentine’s cakes for a romantic poetry reading.

A day in the life of a Regency house

The 1830s Regency kitchen is where I work and from where I write this.

The pastry room – what was it like to work there? And a recipe for artichoke pie

A small dark room lies behind the meat safe in the Town House’s basement annexe

How to make Yorkshire Parkin

“It’s very sweet, with a distinct ginger flavour; sticky and a clinging texture” This is Yorkshire parkin as described for those who don’t know it. And if you don’t know it you should. This ginger-spiced chewy cake is certainly a …

How to make Bachelor’s and Spinster’s puddings

Two discovered recipes from mysterious sources and two antiquated words for being single

Pease pudding – how to make this vegan historical dish

How do you make historical food vegan? My library of historic cookbooks offered inspiration.

How to cook from a historical recipe

My first historical cookbook had no photos but also no ingredient list.

How to make a delicious vegan Georgian poached fruit salad

Food can take you to other places. But wouldn’t it be more fun to travel in time?